Seasonal flower subsciptions


Seasonal Flower subscriptions from April - October

I grow flowers in East London, during my growing season I offer flower subscriptions of the best my cutting gardening has to offer.  I grow scented garden roses,  sweatpeas, dahlias, heirloom varieties of flowers, unusual vines and lots of other flowers not available from wholesale flower markets

Flower subscriptions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. They range in price from £20 - £50.

I deliver to E17, E10, E4, N16, N4 and E5.

This is how the flower subscriptions works. You decide what size subscription you would like and let me know which week of the month you would like to receive your flowers. You tell me your likes and dislikes for example you love pink and yellow but hate purple, I will email you at the beginning of the week to arrange a suitable deliver time.

Floral buckets
I also provide a 'floral bucket' service, perfect for a party or if you feel like filling every room with flowers. You can order a bucket of seasonal blooms and foliage, conditioned and ready to arrange. Buckets range in price from £40 - £100.


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